Terms of Use

When you submit the form for Sign Up, it is treated as a confirmation of information that is provided as true and accurate. Also it confirms that you have read the Company's Terms and Conditions and accepted them.


We welcome you to VR HUB ("Company"). We offer writing services for customers worldwide and our work includes writing essays, editing, creating power point presentations and resume writing but these are not the only services we provide. The system created by us will provide you with the opportunity to use it personally and for earning money. When you ("Writer", "Applicant") visit and register with the Company, it will be considered that you accept as well as agree with terms and conditions ("Agreement"). You must read the agreement with due care. The Company reserves its right in modifying the terms and conditions without notice any time, and the changes so made will take effect from the time they are posted in the website. When you use VR HUB services continuously after any changes are being made with the agreement, it amounts to accepting the agreement with the updated Terms and Conditions. In case you disagree with Terms and Conditions mentioned, you must stop using the website as well as VR HUB services.

Sign Up Information Security

This Company is in need of a team of professional freelance writers. VR HUB welcomes anyone 18 years old or more with skills in writing and perfect English to sign up. All your personal information will be in the system of the Company and will be deleted in case you request or resign. No information in your application will be disclosed to third parties. Accurate and complete information are musts when it comes to information submitted in the application. Writers of ours are responsible for the maintenance and the confidentiality for the password for accessing the website as well as the information provided to the account of a writer. You are not sharing the password under any circumstances with anyone is a critical requirement. In case of any suspicion of access or usage without proper authorization, it should be brought to the notice of the Company.
It should be agreed by writers and applicants to receive notifications and e-mails that are vital components of the project process. They also must cooperate with the e-mail address provided at the time of sign up.


Company will take seven business days to evaluate and approve or disapprove your application. Notice will be provided to the applicants on the results through e-mail with the address given in the form for Sign Up. Applicants must take care that the Company e-mails will not end up in the spam box and also they must check their mail regularly.
In case an application is not accepted, there is no room for a writer to register again with the Company. It will be made sure by VR HUB that a writer is in possession of only one account. No matter whether they are active or inactive, having more than one account will lead to the termination of all the accounts of a writer. A writer could respond within 30 calendar days for logging into the system of the Company, to take over the first project ("project"). In case he/she doesn't take up a project or doesn't log into the system of the Company, the status of the account will become inactive.

Working Process

All the information required to work with the system will be provided by the Company. Writers must understand both writing and system guides. Terms and Conditions of a project have to be accepted before a project is taken over. Any questions on the process of work, Company Policy or payment will be answered by VR HUB. There could be fines in case of your violation of rules indicated in guides or the Company policy. Instances of misconduct of serious nature will be dealt with the termination of account and there will be no reconsideration.
Freelance employees are provided with access to different types of projects by VR HUB. Instructions for completion differ with each project. A writer has to comply with Terms and Conditions of the Company as well as the project and the instructions provided by the customer. In case a writer is unable to comply with the requirements of the Company or the customer, a fine could be applied according to fine policy (provided in the system guide).


Company information can be found in the website. There are files, applications, images and text among them. They are copy righted and writers could not use them for non-commercial and personal use. They should not be used for the completion of projects.
Projects also may carry information, text, files, images, personal information, applications and other data that belongs to the customer. These data also cannot be used for commercial or personal needs. The material could only be used for the said project and not for anything else.
The website also could have information, files and texts that belong to others who use the website. These data as well are not permitted to be used for commercial or personal purposes. The material supplied for a project could be used only for that project and not for projects belonged to other customers or projects in associated companies.

Undertaking a project

Each project is under the regulations governed by Company Terms and Conditions.
A Writer could:

In case a project is within the specialization of a writer he/she could take any such project available.
Have communications with the customer regarding the project's instructions and any other information.
During the process of work when the a writer encounters any problem he/she could get Company assistance.
Get the payment for completed projects which meet the requirements of the Department of Quality Control.

A Writer should never:

Neglect or violate the Company's Terms and Conditions.
Submit papers that are of poor quality or plagiarized

A writer must meet the following project requirements:

Page count - It is a must to complete the specified number of pages. One page should have 275 words with double space. Title page, Bibliography (references), appendix and foot notes (end notes) are not counted when number of words are taken.
If 275 words do not cover full page, it is writer's responsibility to write extra words, otherwise, the penalty will be applied. Adding extra line breaks, spacing, indent or changing font size is not allowed. Writer must follow this rule UNLESS specific instructions / requirements are provided
Subject area - the writer's specialized area of the subject.
Number of Sources - According to the instructions of the customer the exact number of sources should be adhered to.
Style - It is a must for a writer to know all style of referencing (Harvard, MLA, APA, etc.) which the customers specify. Mistakes in formatting of style may end up with a fine or a writer getting his level downgraded in the Company.
Requests for revision - In case the customer's instructions are not met a writer should avail himself/herself for revision. Writer reserves the right for declining a request for revision in case he or she is able to provide the support team with evidence clear enough to show violation of original instructions by the request for revision.
Extra files - Customer uploads these files in project to help the writer of a project. These are covered under the Privacy Section of the Terms and Conditions of the Company.
Survey - When a project is completed, the customer will evaluate it in the survey. Though it is not an obligation but an option. Positive surveys are considered by HR department during the performance evaluation.
Urgency - A writer must comply with the provided time frames of the project. While it is necessary to follow the criteria strictly late projects are considered of low quality and will be fined according to the Company Fine policy.
Deadline - This is the exact date and time for the final paper to be uploaded. There is the possibility for the deadline to be extended by the customer in case a writer requests. It may depend on the difficulty of the project.

Submission of the project

Customers accept high quality papers submitted on time. Writers are always paid for projects completed following all the instructions and submitted on time. Customer has a right to request the revision without paying the extra charge within two weeks after the original deadline. It is a priority to comply with and meet the deadline of the revision for a writer. Writer also reserves the right to refuse a revision request if he/she is able to provide evidence to prove violation of original instructions by the request for revision to the Support Team.

Payment Policy

It is a writer's right to receive payment for projects that are completed. Company need to be supplied with payment details and the Company is unable to assist you on obtaining these details from the bank. You must provide payment details in order to verify them before requesting of the money withdrawal. The payment details will be verified by the Financial department if you follow the procedure described in the system guide on the page "How to get your payment details verified" and inform Financial department about the required verification.
During the process of working, a writer could see his/her salary getting accumulated when he/she looks at the financial report. Only the payment for completed projects will appear. In case a project is not completed or on revision, or projects are being investigated by the Quality Control Department the payment will not be reflected.
The Company processes withdrawal requests twice a month: 1st and 15th of the month, within 3 (three) business days.
The Company will send the payment that is stated in the withdrawal request to the payment details specified by a writer, otherwise will confirm the possibility of method change in case the stated one is not available.
Processing of the salary is in USD and there is no room to convert to any other currency.
For mistakes, delays, failure to receive the full salary due to failures in the third parties are not the responsibility of the Company. It is the right of a writer to ask for a statement on billing from the Company. The Company in turn must provide the document.
It is necessary for a writer to know the terms of the bank and agree with them, as well hold responsible for any additional charges they levy.
Any questions regarding the payments received could be reviewed by the Financial Department within ten business days subsequent to the payment is being received.


In case a writer requests for termination of his/her account, it could be done after all pending projects are completed. If a writer is not willing to complete the pending projects, they will be reassigned and the fine will be applied in accordance with the fine policy.
Once a writer resigns he/she could not request the HR Department to reactivate the account.
In case a writer violates Company Policy, his/her account could be terminated. A reactivation request may be made by a writer to the HR Department but the HR Department's decision cannot be contested.

Copyrights and Intellectual property

On any content uploaded by for projects of customers the Company never holds any rights. It is the customer who owns content written by a writer and the customer holds the rights of the project he/she purchases. A writer is in agreement of the Terms and Condition of a project when he/she uploads content. Therefore, there is an agreement from the part of a writer to upload original content and borrowed information which is properly cited. Uploading the content means that you are selling the rights for the paper. In case a customer rejects a project due to any reason, a writer has the rights to the content. A writer could use it in a later project with the Company.
Terms and Conditions of the VR HUB Company will be fully enforced on you as long as you use the services offered by the Company.